This gallery does well to prove that there are indeed two types of cosplayers, regular ones and incredible ones – the skill of these cosplayers all sets them in the latter.

These cosplayers appear ridiculously accurate to their 2-D counterparts – they sport a vast array of heavy makeup which rivals the look of CG when paired with such skilled photography. The stunning female cosplayer above is absolutely beautiful – her makeup is flawless, perfectly suiting her lush hair and alluring eyes, giving her a very engaging expression topped off with a faint smile.

Making her appearance even more so effective is the fact that each aspect of the costume is consistent – for example, her eyes aren’t some crazy exotic color, everything is flush together with similar colors and nothing stands out awkwardly.

This collective of cosplayers not only looks, but plays the part – they pose as if they were the character themselves, there are no erotic poses made in poor taste to be found here, rather each image is a fantastic third dimensional portrayal of characters (most notably Kuroneko) from Madoka Majika, Touhou, Hanasaku Iroha, and many other popular series.
There are also some odd few cosplayers such as the three (Star Trek?) cosplayers who seem to be having an interesting time.

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  1. Asher says:

    Wow! I haven't seen such a cute collection of cosplay photos! <3

  2. natalie says:

    Asians are always good at cosplaying. Very good collection you have. :)

  3. Dark Flame Master says:

    Oh my! You are so amazing :3 Your cosplay of Lightning is just incredible ^^ ofcourse other pics are awesome as well but that one was my favourite haha. Keep up the good work <3

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